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“AngelLoop is designed for people who share our values”

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AngelLoop was started under the premise that our private-market ecosystem doesn’t have much of an infrastructure. Post funding relationships are loosely managed through antiquated tools, like emails and spreadsheets. Investors become disengaged and founders have to spend more time getting back on their radars.

In my prior venture, we had onboarded 60 Angel Investors to our cap table and when sending them updates, I had tracked our emails and found out that only 30% of our updates were getting opened. This was terrible to find out because the investors that had opened and read our updates were the most helpful in scaling our business. Inquired as to why a bulk of our investors weren’t opening our emails, I had all sorts of answers but they mostly boiled down to “Noise Mailbox” syndrome.

With all the work that we put into our updates, it was frustrating to see that our investors weren’t engaging. These are some of the wealthiest and most networked folks that we knew. Their intros would mean extra funding, more revenue and overall an ability to leverage their expertise.

AngelLoop helps both sides centralize their communication needs. We designed the app to be very intuitive and flexible enough to help founders standardize their reports, while simultaneously saving time keeping their investors in the loop. Our investors love the app because it helps them to stay in touch with their founders and also gives them an ability to improve their own bottom line

Our Mission

AngelLoop is on a mission to create the largest support ecosystem for the world's startups and early-stage investors. It changes the way the people and companies communicate, share ideas, complete funding rounds, manage growth and analyze business intelligence.

Our Values

AngelLoop recognises the innovation and opportunity that startups and their investors create on a global scale. In order to maintain a healthy ecosystem, our values include improving the efficiency, transparency, honesty, trust and funding processes for startups and their investors. At all times, we aim to respect and reinforce relationships between investors & startups. AngelLoop is designed for people who share our values.

Our Team

We’ve built and sold our own startups as well as invested in other people’s startups. We know the global tech startup ecosystem inside out. We’ve worked with accelerators, incubators and funds in the past and know what they want from their portfolios. More than anything, through innovation and good common sense, we’re committed to help startups grow fast whilst de-risking investment in early stage companies.

"As an investor, AngelLoop saves me hours from having to chase my portfolio companies for relevant updates"

Jared Kushi

"My investors are more engaged through AngelLoop than they were when I was sending them email updates"

Sam Guigui

"I've been looking for a comprehensive toolbox to manage my private portfolio companies"

Tim Draper

"Finally someone has come up with a solution to address this pain point"

Ronnie Wee

"This tool saves me hours and my investors love seeing our progress"

Stefano Pepe

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