About Us

Anyone who has ever put together an investor update, knows it’s an incredibly convoluted process. Everyone is on a different sheet of music. Investors have varying expectations and levels of engagement. Emails are lost, spreadsheet formula errors come out of nowhere, then there are the terrible time-consuming decks.

Out of this pain and annoyance, AngelLoop was founded in 2015. AngelLoop changes the relationship game by equipping investors and startups with easy to use tools to keep each other in the loop with all the information you need available at your fingertips!

We believe startup relations should be easier. We emphasize this by encouraging engagement between founders and their stakeholders. Our community driven approach is predicated on creating value in every interaction.

Join our community of frontier-stretching startups, startup investors, world class advisors, and other scaling startup stakeholders!

Our Team

Igor Feerer
Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer
Mike Nemke


Trevor Kincy
Product Marketing Manager