Investor management toolbox for founders

Track your performance, update your investors and get help growing your startup.

Most effective two-way communication between companies and their stakeholders.

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Your investors are there to help you scale your venture.

Track your company’s financial and non-financial metrics

Use secure communications to keep your stakeholders in the loop

Leverage your stakeholders support to help your business scale

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This tool saves me hours... my investors love it.

Stefano Pepe

Founder and CEO of Uniquid

As an investor this tools saves me hours from having to chase my portcos for any update.

Jared Kushi

Blue StartUps

My investors are more engaged through AngelLoop than they were when I was sending them monthly email updates.

Sam Guigui

COO at DraftFantasy

Finally someone has come up with a solution to address this pain point.

Ronnie Wee

Managing Partner at IncuVest, entrepreneur, angel investor and mentor

I've been looking for stuff like this... I want to sign up all my companies

Tim Draper

Founder at Draper Associates, DFJ, Draper University

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Give your investors a break from having to chase you for any updates; and instead, focus your energy on building stronger relationships with the people that can help your company scale.

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