Track your startup's performance, share with investors and collaborate with your stakeholders.

Secure and effortless performance tracking, investor communications and collaboration toolbox for founders and CEO's.

Easy access to all of your investors

Your revenue and growth depend on building strong relationships with the people that have a vested interest in your success.

Permission settings let's you decide who sees what

Investors come in different flavours and we have your interest at heart. You decide the level of transparency you want to share with stakeholders.

Track your performance and share your progress with your investors

Let the numbers speak for themselves and your investors will actively seek ways to help you scale.

Write awesome investor reports with a few clicks

Get the love and respect you want from your investors with a few clicks.

But don’t just take our word for it

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Stefano Pepe

Founder and CEO

"This tool saves me hours and my investors love seeing our progress."
Draft Fantasy

Sam Guigui

CO-Founder at DraftFantasy

"My investors are more engaged through AngelLoop than they were when I was sending them email updates."
Orion CKB

Carlos Cashman

Angel Investor

"I've needed Angelloop in every company I've been involved with... clean, simple and viral."